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BReasonable BReasonable
Sun, Jan 23, 2011 15:01
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Excessive Omega-6 Oils Fuel Cancer
I recently saw a lecture on PBS by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in which he shared research in the form of graphs that showed how cancer rates have climbed at almost the exact same rates as the use of omega-6 vegetable oils (as well as trans-fats/hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated oils) since the 1940's. (This lecture corresponded to his book "Anti-Cancer: A New Way of Life".)

Omega-6 is an essential oil, meaning you do need to get it from your diet, but not excessively.

After his lecture I decided to avoid fried foods and packaged foods containing omega-6 oils such as corn oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, or soybean oil.

healthyself healthyself
Mon, Jan 24, 2011 09:01
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Omega 6...
Excessive Omega-6 Oils Fuel Cancer ...The statement you made is somewhat misleading....
Only if it is adulterated...Safflower, Sunflower ect found in most supermarkets are ruined...they interfear with the oxygen exchange to the cells...In the mfc of the product the oxgent content is taken out for it to have long shelf life...One needs more omega 6 and less omega 3
but it has to be cold pressed and organic...
We are being misled by the fish mft companies...don't believe them,pdf.pdf
I wrote a whole resourse up that I give away if interested...based on the the finding of Brian Peskin and Otto Warburg...

BReasonable BReasonable
Tue, Jan 25, 2011 18:01
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My statements were made by doctors.
To clarify your statement, overall, our bodies require a greater proportion of Omega-6 oils than Omega-3 oils...
...BUT..., our diets used to include livestock that ate fresh grass, bugs, and weeds, which are high in Omega-3’s. Then our intake changed when livestock was restricted to eating grains. Even eggs no longer contained the amounts of Omega-3 oils that they used to...
People used lard for deep frying. Then they switched to Omega-6 oils...
Along with the increased consumption of packaged foods that contain Omega-6 oils..., these changes together increased our overall intake of Omega-6 oils to unhealthy levels.
These are some of the legitimate reasons why you commonly see Omega-3 oils being promoted nowadays.
Dr. David Servan-Schreiber (a brain surgeon who recovered from brain cancer twice) presents research done by many other professionals who found correlations between excess Omega-6 oils and cancer. (Artemis Simopoulos, MD presented similar research done by many other professionals in her book “The Omega Plan”, from which I learned the facts above.)

FredN FredN
Wed, Jan 26, 2011 08:01
Omega 6
I take a 1200 mg Omega 3,6,9 pill twice a day. Is this dangerous and how much is too much? Everything you read says it is good for you.

healthyself healthyself
Thu, Jan 27, 2011 11:01
Omega 6/3
hope you will find this information helpful and educational as I did and hope you will take it seriously. I just wish I could have found it sooner. You are about to find out about research you probably never knew existed and you are surely not going to hear it from your doctor. It is researched by Brian Peskin from MIT (Electrical Engineer) He lectures to cancer and heart doctors all over the county. They seek him out for his research. Lots of his research comes directly from medical school textbooks in biochemistry and medical physiology, medical journals and Nobel price winner (1931 from Germany) Dr Otto Warburg MD Phd. Why our doctors don't tell us this especially when we need it the most is baffling. He connects the dots in the cancer and heart disease issue like no one I have ever read. I take this research extremely seriously.

Just to let you know where I am coming from and why I take this research so seriously. My mother had breast cancer, my sister died of cancer in Feb of 2010. I had colon cancer and the surgeon removed 10 inches of colon and I reluctantly did about 6 or 7 rounds of chemo (about 1 every 3 weeks. When I took my last treatment it was discovered my wife had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy with 4 rounds of chemo. My sister passed away with edometrial cancer and fortunately my mother only a mastectomy . My wife and I are doing great now. We follow Brian Peskin's (The Hidden Story Of Cancer) recommendations almost to the letter. My sister it is sad to say would have nothing to do his recommendations. She said she was going to do exactly what the doctor said and no more. She said if this was that important the doctor would know about it. Well he didn't!! know about it and he didn't learn it in his training as a doctor. Its not his fault as he is doing the best he can with what he was taught to do. That's the sad part as doctors as they learn only chemical drugs and not anything natural. It must be said here we give our doctors a lot more credit for what we think they know than they know. This is very simple to make it part of your diet. I was listening to one of Brian Peskin's lectures before a group and in his talk he made the statement to look to person on your left and look to the person on your right, more than likely you will have cancer in your life time...Think of that when you look at the photograph in the beginning of this resource.

Brian wrote the book called The Hidden Story Of Cancer. I have also enclosed other articles besides what is attached and written by the Brian Peskin. If you have any questions I will be glad to try to help. I am no expert or medical professional but just a regular person who has studied this research for the past 2-3 years. The book is where I got the idea to write a resource. I told Brian Peskin I was so impressed with his discoveries that I wanted to write a resource to give out at no charge.. He made some suggestions etc. and formatted it for me and think it turned out great. I hope you like it. If you want please make suggestions on what changes I need to make to make the resource better and as I have said give it away.

What state are you from?...just curious? Purchase the book when you can. It is a lot better than what I write and you will not be sorry to have in your reading room. You will know 100% more than any doctor knows about this research. Here are some additional links that I have not put in the resource yet but are included here. I talked to Brian on one occasion and don't remember of much of what he said, but I do remember he said to me if you are in remission now and you follow my suggestions you will not ever have to worry about cancer coming back. And also if you want to prevent cancer follow is recommendations. He is about prevention.. I have read where others recovered from cancer in stage IV using his suggestions. You are giving what the body needs on a daily basis and that is essential fatty acids....(Omega 6/3 in an unadulterated form that is organic and cold pressed) this one is included in the resource...,pdf.pdf
Omega 6 is only bad if it is adulterated...One needs much more omega 6 than omega 3....It has to cold pressed and organic...The vegetable oils are ruined..and thats the problems...It must be
a ratio of 2-1 infavor of omega 6....
your doctor needs go back to school and learn ...more science as it is in medical school textbooks in physiology.

BReasonable BReasonable
Thu, Jan 27, 2011 12:01
This link is to yesterday's episode of Dr. Oz entitled "Know Your Omegas". It aired on Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). He makes it all easy to understand.

FredN FredN
Thu, Jan 27, 2011 13:01
Link is t a 30 second teaser. I didn't have time to figure out how to see the clip.

BReasonable BReasonable
Thu, Jan 27, 2011 13:01
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Here are the 4 links to actually see
I found out that the link in my previous message was only an announcement... Here are the 4 links (each video lasts about 5 minutes) which in 20 minutes altogether show the "Know Your Omegas" portion of the episode. (Once you have watched the first one, you can scroll down and click on the link to the next one.)

BReasonable BReasonable
Thu, Jan 27, 2011 13:01
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WGBH airing Anti-Cancer-With-Dr-David-Servan-Schreiber again
WGBH will air Anti-Cancer-With-Dr-David-Servan-Schreiber again
this Saturday at 1pm eastern time.

healthyself healthyself
Sun, Oct 2, 2011 23:10
your article
The doctor died in July of 2011...Just thouht you would like to know

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