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The Overview

Get on the fast track to skinny jeans and six-pack abs. Commit to the FitClick Flat Abs Solution weight loss program. This 6-week plan is a great fit for both men and women looking to tighten their abs or fit into their skinny jeans. Combining an intense strength & cardio exercise routine with a reduced carbohydrate diet, the program sets you on course to achieve overall body fat loss. Add FitClick’s Six Pack Abs workout plan and FitClick’s Carb Reduction diet plan to your diet and workout trackers to develop your mid-section muscles while burning off excess fat.

The Diet

The low-carb, high-protein FitClick Carb Reduction Diet provides you with tasty meals designed to accelerate fat reduction and muscle development. The dietary breakdown is 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 30% fat per day. A sample breakfast could include oatmeal, 1% milk, and mixed berries. For lunch, you might eat a protein-rich quiche Lorraine with spinach salad. Afternoon snacks allow cottage cheese, almonds, or grapes.  For dinner, you might dine on ham, asparagus spears, and scalloped potatoes.

The Workout

The FitClick Six-Pack Abs workout is a 6-week, intermediate-level training plan for both men and women. The plan includes three total-body circuit strength workouts with abdominal and lower back areas covered at the beginning of the workout.  Abs exercises include a variety of crunches, twists, and sit-ups. Other targeted body parts include Lower Back, Thighs, Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, and Biceps. Cardio activity consists of easy runs with high intensity sprints and a long run finish on the 7th day. 

The Next Level

To use FitClick's Flat Abs Solution, set up your workout and diet to match the program. To add the FitClick Six-Pack Abs plan to your workout tracker, go HERE and select "Use this Workout Plan." To get started with the FitClick Carb Reduction Diet, go HERE and select “Use this diet.” As you submit your meals, more future days will appear.

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  • Never intended to rack up so many miles in a day. I think you are right to hold back. Typically I walk 3-5 miles a day so I'll stay there for a while.

    Appreciate the response -