Newsletter - Sept. 4, 2014: Set Your Pace - Cardio Plan, Gluten-Free Diet and More!

3-Day Beginner Cardio Plan, Custom Gluten-Free Diet, and Stretching Truths

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Set Your Pace! 3-Week Beginner Cardio Workout Plan

Ease into fall with a new cardio schedule! Get outside while the weather's still nice. It's just the right time to drop a few extra pounds before cooler temperatures arrive. Add this 3-week cardio-only plan to your workout tracker today. For beginners, this routine provides four workouts per week and gradually progresses you from brisk walking and light cardio into jogging.


Featured Diet! Custom Gluten-Free Plan

Take the guesswork out of eating gluten-free with our individually-customized diet plan. Whether you have wheat allergies or simply want to lose weight, try this plan! 




Must-Know! 4 Key Truths About Stretching

Improve your game! Total-body fitness requires a lot more than endurance and brute strength. If you don't have good flexibility (and many people don't), you're limiting your exercise horizons.

Eating On-The-Go! Restaurant Food Facts

Eating out is challenging while following a diet plan. Whether you're traveling, or just too tired to cook, check out food facts ahead to make better selections at restaurants and fast food counters.


Find the Secret Food! 100 Bonus Points

Secret Food Clue ! Add the correct food to your diet tracker to automatically receive 100 bonus points. (Last week's food: PESTO) 



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  • Thanks posted by SocalledFreaK
    Reading all this was amazingly helpful, I really appreciate you guys replying. I took some of your advice and tried on all of my jeans (It's summer now so obviously, shorts) and none of them fit me anymore! In the GOOD way! :) So I guess I really just have trouble with seeing myself correctly. I've decided I'm investing in a full length mirror, it'll make me feel better, haha. All three of you, Di...